Someone probably wants an “About me” page. Something that’ll give you a clear idea of what ZappityZap is all about.

Truth is; I’m hazy on the details myself. Initially the blog was going to be a place where I could ridicule and satire commercial advertisements. Then somewhere during the blog creation process the NHL playoffs started, so I began talking about that. However, the sad thing about a sport played on ice is that it tends to end when the summer hits.

So the blog became less and less about a specific subject, and more and more about whatever I had on my mind at the time. Somewhere in there I also wanted to dispense satirical advice – you know, “go ahead, piss on that electric fence you won’t feel a thing” type stuff (think about it though, you might not actually get shocked if you do it).

Then I stopped updating for 6-months and moved to Vancouver from Edmonton.

Then a lot of personal shit happened and I stopped updating for a few years.

Now the blog is a mostly lifeless rant-space struggling to keep itself going.


2 Responses to About(Aboot)

  1. Andru says:

    Hey Jack. I found your article regarding STHS ratings VERY informative and I will be using many of your systems in my new league. (https://zappityzap.wordpress.com/2010/06/24/09/)

    I wanted to ask you about goalie ratings however because you don’t mention them. What stats should affect which ratings?

    Thanks and I hope you will eventually post part 3!

    • Jack says:

      Hi Andru,

      I never wrote one for Goalies because the league I was co-running became wrought with cheaters and stackers, and eventually I told a series of people to go fornicate themselves. I let the domain expire, refusing to renew it or hand it over, and stopped running STHS leagues. I’m still involved in one, but they only need me in a GM capacity.

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