I've never been so angry about a minor inconvenience, just wait till the Internet hears about this!!!111one!~

I've never been so angry about a minor inconvenience, just wait till the Internet hears about this!!!111one!~

The way Twitter exploded you’d figure a bomb had gone off or a Kraken was laying siege to the only bridge servicing The Canada Line between Richmond and Vancouver; the daily commute to work was interrupted by irregular service, panic, chaos and crying children – it’s not truly a catastrophe unless some kid somewhere is crying like it’s the end of the world. Saw it during the Olympics when there was a bomb-scare on the Sea Bus and a small child had pieced together that he might have been in the vicinity of the blast. I expected much of the same and was completely let down.

There was no great orange ball of fire – that was a day earlier at the Christmas Market – or giant squid, people were very orderly and the only kid I saw was absolutely fascinated by the fact that he got to go over a bridge he’d never been on before in a bus. The two people in front of me, former coworkers, were even having a laugh about being permitted to be late for work due to the weather and arranging a midnight snowball fight.

For those of you not in the know, a large – by Vancouver standards – dump of snow, heavy gusts of wind and barely sub-zero temperatures caused an electrical failure on two trains while they were passing over the Fraser river around 9:30am; leaving two trains and about a hundred people stranded for an hour. As this is the only way across the river and the mentality of “just send more trains” has since been determined as an entertaining but ultimately pointless loss of human life, passengers were diverted while they deiced the bridge. Coming from a city where -30 degree temperatures is a typical winter day and it takes a combined ambient and wind temperature of about -45 to cause any major interruption in Light Rail service the whole scenario smacked of absurdity and possibly a small engineering oversight. Protrans BC handled the situation smoothly and the agents stationed around the Canada Line were forthcoming with answers to any question asked of them. Not nearly the panic inducing chaos that Twitter suggested.

The whole situation got me thinking; 90% of the Tweets I read were expressions of extreme negative disbelief that a situation like this would ever befall a 2-billion dollar mass transit system. Sadly, I even got caught up in the disappointment that my daily commute was going to take a bit longer than normal, but this is why I typically leave a little early for work – in-case shit like this comes up! Was my own pissy comment a little childish to make? Yes. Was getting to work today such a massive hardship that no longer justifies the convenience of normally being able to get to work in a quarter of the time it took before the Line opened? Not even close.


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