Short: One Way To Get Good FHL Re-Rates

Awesome Fan Mail looks like this.

To the person who searched “how to get a good re-rate in fhl simulator” and came across my blog,

Here’s the easiest way:

During the course of the season. Exploit the Farm Streak and Slump settings. If the Commish has the option turned on and has lax rules surrounding waivers you can freely send players back and forth. Typically on the farm (with the option turned on.) you’re able to boost a player 2 or 3 OV points based on his performance. If you mill this back and for, over the course of the season it could be good for 8 or 9 OV points. If the player being sent down is good enough, he’ll also make the performance of his linemates much better, meaning they’ll experience a bump in OV as well. If the Commish has tighter waiver regulations, your operating window is a little smaller, so exploit it to the fullest.

As for the end of season re-rates. Good luck with that. FHL is notoriously bad for applying logical automatic re-rates. You’re better served by being in a league with some sort of manual re-rate system or GM controlled re-rate system. If you’re looking for artificial end-of-season boosts in OV (I know an 80OV player looks more attractive than a player with 79OV, regardless of how that player will actually perform, and are easier to trade/flip for assets.) IT and ST are weighted strongly, dump extra points in there. Also, depending on the attitude of the Commish, you might be able to eek out extra points by actively debating your re-rates.



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