This post brought to you by two articles I came across in my daily trawl of “The National Post” and “The Globe and Mail”

Woman sues Rogers over cellphone bill, says it ruined her marriage
Woman sues Rogers Wireless Inc for ruining her marriage

The Readers Digest version for the lazy:

“Lady is cheating on husband and makes a metric fuck-tonne of calls to her extramarital bed-buddy. Husband amalgamates services by adding Internet and Digital Cable to their services. Company consolidates bills into one bill. Husband’s suspicion is aroused after reviewing newly consolidated bill, ends up breaking marriage due to adultery. Lady is emotionally destroyed. So much in fact she can’t work and is a distraction to her coworkers. Lady is eventually fired from job. Lady sues Rogers for 600k citing invasion of personal privacy and irreparable damages.”

Any other details have already been reported by the two source links.

I hope she wins. I hope she wins and the precedence set by the ruling clogs our legal system for decades to come with a flood of plaintiffs suing corporations for asinine reasons. Girlfriend found out you made ten hours worth of 1-800 calls due to an itemized list of phone calls on your Telus bill and kicked your ass to the curb? Sue Telus! Fuck accountability! A clear cut invasion of my privacy had occurred and it’s everyone’s fault except my own.

And why must it stop at telecommunications? I played a lot of video games when I was younger, instead of rehabilitating my broken knee to the fullest extent physics and the threshold of pain would allow. Electronic Arts owes me the millions of dollars I would have made with my successful pro hockey career. And not only does an unnamed Canadian bank owe me the hundred of thousand dollars I would have made by having access to internal fiscal reports on hundreds of public companies, they owe me further compensation for determining that my position was redundant because of lower wage costs over in India. Mental stress my friends. We live in an age where accountability accounts for nothing. It’s society’s fault and damn you if you say otherwise.

This reminds me of the Liebeck v. McDonald’s lawsuit back in ’94.

Solution: We hire Judge Judy and give her a Taser when cases like these come up. Could make for entertaining midday television.


Advice Content: If you’re going to steal from the “you probably shouldn’t do this” cookie jar. Recognize the consequences of your actions. Cover all basis. And if you’re caught, accept responsibility and learn for next time.


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