A Healthy Dose of Update.

I’ve been away for a while. I let that three month test slide completely to the wayside. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. It was meant as a test and take it from someone who ‘tests’ things all day, tests and built to be broken.

So if the test is a moot point, why no posts?

Truth is, I’ve been busy. Between the new job (which is amazing) and the hockey league (Back-up Hockey – equally as amazing) I haven’t had much time to dedicate to writing. At one point I even purchased a notebook with the intentions of using it at work during periods of long load times. I find myself mindlessly surfing the Internet and replying to emails while I’m waiting for the PS3 to load the game. Oh The Playstation 3, the bane of my existence. How Sony managed to pull off the 180 it did it still well beyond me. This is a system I will never own and never encourage my friends to own. I’ll reserve that recommendation for my enemies.

I’ll stick to PC gaming in the meantime. Not that I’ve been gaming much lately. Not in the traditional sense anyways. I consider my work in the BuHL to be gaming of sorts, only the game is played over several years and doesn’t usually require the instant feedback that most video games require. I’m patiently waiting for Starcraft 2 to make it’s gallant appearance over the horizon. Then I’ll dive headlong into non-work-related gaming once again.

Part of the reason for the silence lately has been the lack of real hockey news. I could just as easily rant about The Phoenix Coyotes and how despite losing an estimated 60 million dollars last season (that 1.42 million dollars lost per home game) Gary I’m-a-twat Bettman believes that hockey could survive in the desert. I have one comment about it, then I’ll drop the subject altogether. If the Coyotes were in Canada and the same scenario was put forward, the team would be moved to the USA.

I feel like I’ve been at my creative best since starting this job. Never have I been in a work environment where this much creativity was encouraged. Imagine every decent coworker you’ve ever had grouped in one place, doing something the majority of them enjoy. That’s Bioware. Companies like TD wish they were able to sustain the atmosphere and moral Bioware is able to maintain; and most of it comes from the dropping of the old “all about the profits” business model. Not in a “The halls are lined with thousand dollar bills” sense, but in the “A happy worker is a productive worker” sense. A concept that old method businesses don’t seem to be able to grasp. Or at least take seriously–

Blah, I’ve lost my train of thought.

Advice before I sign off: Find a job you like and never stop looking until you find it.


One Response to A Healthy Dose of Update.

  1. Tea says:

    Good to see you again!

    You’re absolutely right about finding a job you like, of course. I spent all weekend looking forward to going back to work, not living in complete dread – and the majority of my job is paperwork.

    You’re also right about Phoenix. The NHL would totally ship a Canadian team south (again) the first chance they get.

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