I Got Home And The Penguins Won The Cup.

Saw this one coming from a long ways off. Penguins win. Woo. I thought the conspiracy would come to a head on home ice in game six; but a game seven means more heat regardless of location. Suppose this is the beginning of a horrible run of unbridled popularity for the NHL. The Penguins will be likened to the Oilers of the 80’s. Bettman can bust his nut now; he got his “example” franchise and can now continue ruining our Canadian sport by insisting another one can be created in Phoenix. The torch has been passed and the Penguins – along with the rest of the NHL – are about to become the poster children for the American dream.

I still have respect for Crosby, Malkin and company, they are good hockey players, but the attention those guys are about to receive for the next (prediction) five years, is going to be insufferable. It’s enough to make me turn to the KHL for a few seasons and wait out the storm. Let them play, let us enjoy the sport. Leave out the product pimping and name dropping bullshit. I’m sure I’m jaded because I’m already sold on the concept of the NHL. But for long time fans, it’s annoying to be bombarded with the same monotonous bullshit day in and day out about the face of hockey and the strongest names in sport. It’s the corporate crap I’m against. Gatorade sponsorships. I bet Crosby moves to Schick and we see hundreds of new Reebok ads.

Now that this has happened and there’s a fresh new bandwagon for everyone to jump on and that franchise is going to be milked for every dime it’s worth. Hell, the only reason it didn’t happen with the Wings is because by the time that ‘branding’ became the big thing in marketing, the Wings bandwagon was already well formed and stuck in their ways.

I’m not going to be talking about hockey for a while, so I’ll leave off on this comment. I do not feel bad for Marian Hossa. He makes millions of dollars to play hockey. It’s a physically demanding job with a chance of injury, but it’s a dream job. He makes millions of dollars to play a sport he loves to play. No sympathy. Get millions of dollars and try again next year. Repeat for fifteen or so years, retire, relax at home. I know people who work on the oil patch, and are put into potentially life threatening situations several times a year who would give their left foot to be in his situation.

I need to talk about something else.

Started my new job, quality control for BioWare. Task right now is to play through a video game. My boss coined it like this, “This is going to seem weird and when I tell you I want you to do nothing else, I mean it. For the next two weeks you are to play through Dragon Age. And. Nothing. Else. Don’t focus on breaking the game yet, just play. I don’t want any of you coming to me at the end of the first week asking for things to do because you feel guilty about this.” Today I ran around stabbing things, slaughtering enemies and stealing anything not bolted to the floor. I gotta say, if you liked Neverwinter Nights you are going to like this game.

I know it’ll turn into a job eventually, but it’s nice to be able to take a step back and be able to say that I contribute to something I’ve enjoyed doing my entire life.

Short post tonight, I wanted to push out my thoughts while they were still fresh in my head. I’ll try to have a more elaborate post up sometime during the weekend.


Wait, I lied, one more hockey note. Gonchar gets a huge nod of respect for running to the dressing room to be alone with his daughter away from all the crowds and excitement. As soon as the Cup photo was taken, he disappeared from the ice. A nice and private celebration.


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