It Gives Me Great Pleasure To Announce:

How many of you have fallen victim to the above comic? It’s a great laugh, “Heh, you got me, I do play a lot of video games” “Yeah, I prefer to influence the images I see on the TV or computer as opposed to just sitting and watching”. It’s all in good fun and fortunately the novelty eventually wears off, but behind every fun poke lays a grain of truth. The comic will disappear for a couple of years until someone clever comes across it and connects the dots. Thank-you Gary Larson.

Being a product of the Super Nintendo Age – before playing video games was cool among the sorts of asshats that used to pick on me for playing them – this comic was pointed out to me several times during my youth. I’m sure others experienced the same fate.

So on behalf of everyone who has ever fallen victim to that comic, it gives me great pleasure to send out the following .gif :

Homer, doing what he does best...

That probably comes off as scathing and bitter, but keep in mind that as I type this I have a huge, ear to ear shit eating grin on my face because….

Yesterday I was hired by a video game company to do quality testing for an upcoming title. Yes, I am actually going to be paid to find and exploit holes in video games. I haven’t had a chance to read over the non-disclosure agreements, so I won’t go into much detail. I start Wednesday and I’ll be playing a console for 8 hours a day. That’s fantastic! Score one for the dream job. Before the jealousy levels rise though, keep in mind that testing is a little different than merely playing. It will be monotonous, tedious and full of repetition. Equip sword, save, sell sword, reload, make sure effects don’t stack, move on, stab NPC, should I be able to kill them? Trigger fight, run away, save, reload, is the trigger still triggered? If not, file ticket and move on. How many storylines can I break and still complete the game?

I plan on beating the hell out of this game. It’s gonna be so much fun.

In other news: I was also pleased to find out that my blog was mentioned over on the New York Times. I’ll give a moment for that to sink in. One more moment. Okay, so it’s not that big. I didn’t see a 10,000 hit increase in a matter of minutes. My last post was paraphrased, linked and credited in their sports blog section by a mister Stu Hackel. (If you’re reading this Stu, thank-you!) Makes me wish I would have put a little more effort into producing a more coherent post. Lesson learned, only post works I’m ‘proud’ of as opposed to posting out of self-inflicted obligation. It is a nice signal of moving the blog in the right direction. With the three month plan entering it’s final month, things are looking good. The true test will be to keep my posts up after the playoff’s end. I’ll have the Draft and Unrestricted Free Agency to keep my hockey appetite satisfied. Maybe I’ll branch off to other sports. I’ve always had a keen interest in Football (Soccer) and the FIFA World Cup is coming up soon.

Speaking of Playoffs.

The Red Wings trumped the Penguins in game one of the Stanley Cup Finals. A game of lucky bounce after lucky bounce. Sportscasters were sympathetic to the Penguins, stating they should have won the game, but the bounces favoured Detroit. Nice try guys. You don’t lose 70%’ish of the faceoffs and win a hockey game. Doesn’t matter if you out-shoot your opponent or not. Maybe if the opponents were the Coyotes, but not the Wings. Game two is in a few hours. I plan on checking it out.


Advice Content: Don’t pick on those who prefer to entertain themselves through ‘non-popular’ means. You never know when those means are going to become mainstream. At the time they may seem like geeks, but it takes those geeks who are ahead of the curve to keep the companies going while an idea or concept is sold to the masses that pick on them. I bet people picked on Mark Zuckerberg for being a ‘computer nerd’ but miss the irony when they check Facebook from their cellphones on an hourly basis.

* – The Farside comic is copywrite Universal Press Syndicate and Gary Larson.

** – The image of Homer Simpson is copywrite Fox Broadcasting Company and Matt Groening.


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