2009 NHL Stanley Cup Finals Prediction: Penguins have Wings.

A small bit of a large cup.

I don’t hate Sidney Crosby. I know I’ve mentioned him a few times and if you’ve ever talked to me in person, you’d know I don’t always paint him with the nicest brush. Allow me to clarify my position. He’s a good hockey player, playing with Geurin seems to have lightened him up a little, I’m sure off the ice he’s one hell of a stand up guy! Or at least that’s what Tim Horton’s would have you think. What I’m not a fan of is how he’s shoved down our throats by the NHL and all the associated marketing brands. That’s where the irritation lies. He’s the poster child and new face of a younger faster NHL. Just let the kid play hockey and enjoy his impending Stanley Cup win.

So I’m sitting at .500 with my predictions this spring. A few surprises, a few obvious calls. My prediction for the finals should be as easy as calling Mike Keenan’s firing from Calgary. The real prediction will be where he ends up next. Minnesota? Maybe. Who knows. Maybe Colorado, if they chuck Tony Granato.

Flash, all the way back in time to the year 2008. The Pittsburgh Penguins had just beaten the Flyers in 5 and the Wings took it to Dallas in 6. The victors were set to meet each other in the finals.

Last time, it was Red Wings in 6. This time? The great conspiracy will come true, Penguins in 6.


Short post this time. I’ve been busy. If things go well today, I’ll have a longer, better written, non-hockey post up shortly.


3 Responses to 2009 NHL Stanley Cup Finals Prediction: Penguins have Wings.

  1. Tea says:

    Wings in six!

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