1 through 30 on my ankle

Everything I’ve read about running the beginning of a successful blog points to a three month trial. Three months to build a readership. Three months to build up blog posts. Three months to alter your appearance. Three months to get a feeling of impending absolute failure or long term moderate success. During these three months you’re generally encouraged to try everything to find your niche – though to quote a friend, “It’s all been covered.” You could be a virgin father of three with hairy palms the size of baseball gloves and you can be guaranteed that somewhere there is a blog entitled SLHPFCAB: Sexless Large-Hairy-Palmed Fathers Campaigning Against Baseball. The point is, whatever you choose to do, do it well and shamelessly self promote. While I may never achieve the high quality standards of SLHPFCAB I can certainly try.

So where does Zappity Zap sit after it’s first month of operation?

The first month numbers:

Posts: 10 – A wild swing of ups and downs, I’d say about three of them I’m really happy with.
Comments: 8 – I think four of em are from me, hah.
Tags: 56
Busiest Day: 28 views – Woo!
Slowest Day: 0 views – Boo!
Total views to date: 281

I have nothing to base this against, but it seems like a decent start. I’m sure about half of those 281 page views come from the same five or six people. I’m not entirely sure how WordPress tallies unique page views. If they do it in the same fashion as Deviant Art, than I’m sitting pretty. If they don’t, I have some work to do.

I haven’t done much for promotion, probably stems from not quite having my ‘niche’ figured out. Things look like they’ll be going down the ‘hockey blog’ direction, but the end of season is coming up in about a month. Coupled with a natural fear of shameless self promotion – I’ve only posted about this blog once on other ‘social networking’ sites. For someone who would love nothing more than to make a career for himself as a writer, I sure hate the attention that could potentially come with it.

Next month should be much better. I’ll probably start a little bit of promotion, at very least on Facebook and DeviantArt. A growing base of blog posts means that random search related hits are likely to increase. I should work on getting more photos up. I see the types of blog my better half likes to read, there are loads of photos and those blogs are generally popular. It’s also heading into summer, which means the I’ll need to fill the hockeyless void with something. I’ll figure something out eventually.

Much like the below picture – which is slightly graphic – it’s all a learning process.

Ankle Wound

Yeah, about that. Did you know that wearing brand new leather shoes over thin bamboo socks is a bad idea? I had my suspicions, but like any great space monkey, suspicions are nothing without a good old healthy dose ‘field exercise’. Lesson learned! I’ll take Kate’s advice and bring adhesive strips along with me next time I go to wear new shoes around the city. In the meantime, back to my trusty old Harley’s while my ankle mends itself.

Things could be worse. I could be standing in the skates of poor Simeon Varlamov, stopping nearly everything coming at me while the team in front of me works on getting their offense in order and taking unpunished crosschecks to the back of the head behind the play. Oh yeah, did I mention the Nazi’s? The black Waffen-SS jackets and Goose-Stepping were a dead give away. Nazi’s on the ice trying to shine laser pointers into poor Simeon’s eyes. Anything to throw the poor rookie off of his game. I had no idea that the members of the Third Reich were Penguins fans.


Advice: Bamboo socks, while comfortable, should never ever be used to break in stiff leather shoes.

PS: Right now it’s hailing outside and there’s a scared class of school children huddling under a tree outside the apartment. Words can’t describe the joy seeing that has brought me. I’d invite them into the apartment for some shelter, but those kids need to learn the lessons of nature.


One Response to 1 through 30 on my ankle

  1. hmm..pretty graphic picture. I can almost feel the pain (shudders). Yep wear thick socks. or what I do with new leather shoes is that I bend the edges back and forth until its soft before using it. Cool blog, btw. Keep it up!

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