The Obligatory – If not by this point cliché – Opening Post.

This is the technical third thwack at Internet blogging, first there was LiveJournal, followed by DeviantArt and now this.

What are my goals?  How did I get here?  What do I hope to accomplish with this nook of  Internet space that I couldn’t with the others?

The truth is, “I don’t know”.  I don’t know what my goals are, what I want to accomplish or the lives I want to touch*.  I – like so many other Internet wanderers – am merely looking for a place to voice my opinion while perched on a digital soapbox with the hopes that maybe I’ll pick up an audience large and passionate enough to attempt an armed government coup.  I know damn well that nothing said here will be an earth shattering revelation that’ll challenge the very fabric of the universe, so if you’re expecting to be knocked back into your seat in awe, might I recommend rigging up a pneumatic hammer and have that keep you in your seat instead, it’ll be a better use of your time.  If you’re one of the Internet hobo’s who has happened upon this blog, I owe you a heart felt ‘thank-you’.  Your hit on my page will be noted and bragged about later.

Christ, you’d figure with three previous attempts at this whole online ‘journal’ thing I’d be good at introductions.  I’m not.  Things will pick up as I find more things to talk about and move past this initial growing pain.

I’ll end this inaugural post with a little recommended reading:

Three blogs by three friends ordered by length of the URL.  If you’ve happened across this blog by accident, accidently head over there, you’ll be glad you did.


* – I don’t want to touch any lives.  If anything said in this blog drops a person to their knees shouting “hallelujah” to the sky and sobbing uncontrollably, I invite that person to give their head a shake or step out into traffic.


4 Responses to The Obligatory – If not by this point cliché – Opening Post.

  1. Tea said there would be cake… ? 🙂

    welcome to wordpress – where there are enough faithful minions for everyone to have their own coup

  2. Laslow says:

    Wasn’t “Bad Advice” an idea you had for a comic a few years ago?

    • Jack says:

      It was! If I could draw better it would have turned into an excellent Gary Larson’esq type comic strip. That being said, I’m a huge fan of the tagline I came up with “Fork + Elec– yadda yadda” and the concept of subtly telling people to ignore something you’re told by your parents at a very early age. So I’ve sort of kept it around all these years.

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